The new line of tights, in cotton or nylon, containing active ingredients for a smoothing, hydrating and lifting action thanks to the HYALURONIC ACID. RECHARGEABLE


The latest from SLIMTaf, SLIMTaf LIFT, is a sheer pantyhose, in cotton or nylon , with cotton gusset, flat seams and delicate fragrance; matt look, velvety soft, stretch, this tights perfectly fits the forms and wraps with a FILM of a mixture of active ingredients including HYALURONIC ACID, which day after day, takes care of the beauty of your legs; through the TAF technology with progressive release,these assets are conveyed from the fabric to the skin for a SMOOTHING and HYDRATING action combined with a wonderful LIFTING effect.
The legs appear immediately younger, softer and smoother.
The moisturizing effect also acts on the feet leaving them soft to the touch.
The action does not end with the use, but can be reactivated easily by recharging the tights after 3 washes with the convenient single-sachets included in the box.; let it soak in some hot water where the assets of a single sachet have been dissolved and in only 20 minutes you have renewed a wonderful action for the well-being of your legs. Air dry away from heat
We recommend charging the product immediately after the first use and then every 3 washes.



 - HYALURONIC ACID / Sodium Hyaluronate: skin moisturizing which applied to the skin, forms a thin film that keeps the smooth and moisturized. The smaller molecules are able to penetrate into the subcutaneous layers giving firmness to the tissues and causing a temporary filling.


-  SAMBUCUS NIGRA EXTRACT: The extract has tonic properties favors the firmness and tone of the skin, for an  optimal definition of the muscles of the treated areas.


- MALTODEXTRIN: facilitates channeling and potentiates the effect of the mix of active oils.


- CARNOSINE: reduces muscle fatigue, increases endurance, and improves the overall capacity for work and the blood ph


 A unique and enveloping experience like a soft and durable embrace, which you can no longer do without.




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The new line of tights, in cotton or nylon, containing ...

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